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Priceless: A 7-Day Mother-Daughter Prayer Challenge

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Inspired by the movie Priceless, this 7-day Mother-Daughter prayer challenge will help you and your daughter understand your true value and worth. 

We can be sure the enemy of our souls wants to rob us and our daughters of our God-given identities. One of the ways he does that is by offering empty, hollow substitutes to a healthy, God-given identity.

How can we communicate to our daughters their real value and worth? What do they need to know at the core of their being? How can we as parents point them to solid truth that can withstand the onslaught of a culture gone mad? This 7-day Mother-Daughter prayer challenge will help answer these questions and provide a biblical, solid foundation for cultivating a healthy identity.

The PRICELESS challenge will help you:

  • connect with your daughter
  • openly discuss matters of identity, value, and worth
  • face fears and areas of idolatry
  • discover lies you may be believing about your value and, most of all,
  • embrace the truth that sets us free.

**This is a digital resource that can be downloaded immediately after purchase.** 

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