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DIY Personal Spiritual Retreat Kit {21 pages}

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Do you regularly take time to retreat?

I’m not talking about a selfish sort of retreat, I'm talking about a time of getting away from the busyness, people, and noise of everyday life in order to connect with the Lord for an *extended* period of uninterrupted time.

I’ve discovered these retreats (as difficult as they are to pull off) are necessary in order for me to stay in a place of dependence upon the Lord, to deeply refresh my spirit, and to maintain a sense of well-being which enables me to serve my family and community.

Jesus *frequently* retreated to a solitary place. From His life, we see how important it is to make these times happen.

He would even go without sleep to make sure He got away with His Father. If the Son of God needed to make sure He got alone with His Father, we certainly need it!

We simply can’t rest and replenish our souls when we are on the go all the time, multi-tasking, constantly bombarded with noise, always having someone in our face, and always on call.

Our 21-page DIY Personal Spiritual Retreat Kit will walk you through contemplative, diagnostic questions, a time of confession, the Lectio Divina method of reading and meditating on scripture, and a time of clarifying and articulating what the Lord is speaking to you…everything you need to have your very own personal retreat.

So mark a date on your calendar, grab this kit and get away to reconnect with God!

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