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A to Z Scripture Prayer Cards to Pray for Your Kids

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One of the most powerful and rewarding things we can do as parents is pray for our children.

By praying scripture we're praying God's very own words for our children. This pack of A to Z scripture prayer cards includes 26 Biblical character traits to help you begin praying God's word for your children today!

How to Use:

There are many places I love to use these cards. Each one is a reminder to pray for my kids. 

  • Place on their doors to pray as I pass by
  • As prayer prompts in my prayer journal
  • Hang on the fridge to pray as I prep dinner
  • Tape to mirrors to pray as I brush teeth
  • Tape to window above sink to pray as I wash dishes
  • Tuck into my Bible to pray during Quiet Time
  • Keep in the car to pray during car line or other waits

Posting these cards around the house also keeps God's word in front of my kid's eyes. I love this non-intrusive way to bring their minds back to Scripture and God's plan for their lives!


**This is a digital resource that can be downloaded immediately after purchase.** 

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