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Praying the Promises of the Cross Bundle

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Our NEWEST Praying the Promises of the Cross Bundle is a collection of resources for cultivating a powerful prayer life. This bundle will:
  • Show you exactly HOW to pray the promises from God's word  
  • Take the guess work out of prayer with our ready-made process- no more wasting time wondering where to start  
  • Deepen your understanding of our inheritance in Christ.  
  • Give everything you need to pray consistently and powerfully. Just download and get started!

The bundle includes:

        1. 40-Day Praying the Promises Prayer Journal

          Our best-selling Praying the Promises of the Cross prayer journal includes 40 daily Scriptures on customized pages with plenty of space for journaling your prayers. Our plan + a simple, ready made process makes prayer easy! Also included are weekly study guides to help expand your understanding of gospel concepts.

        2. 40 Daily Prayer Cards

          These 40 beautiful pocket sized cards are easily tucked in a Bible, purse, or posted around your home or office to remind your heart of God's promises. Use these one-word prayer cards throughout the challenge as a simple way to let the word about your inheritance in Christ dwell in you richly.

        3. Scripture Coloring Sheets

          You're invited to slow down and savor God's love! These coloring sheets are a great way to meditate and pray scripture. We've included 6 sheets, one for each week of the 40-day challenge. 

This bundle makes establishing a prayer habit easy. Grab your bundle and get started today.

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